Ultra Thin Crust Bar Pie

    • $8.95

toppings …95 cents

Thirsty Burger

    • $8.95

Half pond of fresh ground beef. Toppings – 75cents

Turkey Reuben

    • $10.95

Sliced turkey served open faced on rye bread with Russian dressing, cole slaw, and melted swiss cheese.

California Turkey Burger

    • $9.95

Philly Cheese Steak

    • $9.95

Your choice of chicken or beef grilled with mushrooms and onions and topped with American Cheese.

Fish & Chips

    • $11.95

English beer-battered fish served with steak fries and your choice of tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, or malt vinegar.

Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

    • $9.95

Fresh grilled chicken julienne, onions, peers, nacho cheese mix, and teriyaki glaze served in a fajita wrap.

London Broil Sandwich

    • $10.95

Char-grilled London broil, sliced and served on a garlic sub roll with Mozzarella cheese and Bordelaise sauce.